Our Daily Dinner

Our Daily Dinner

May 31, 2010

A Word About Food Marketing

There is marketing and there is shopping. Shopping to me means going around the corner to Gristedes to buy two bananas for tomorrow’s breakfast. Marketing means to take the bus to buy mussels from Citarella for tonight’s dinner. As it happens, I go marketing almost every day. I enjoy doing so because it enables me to select top products and puts me in touch with the people who sell them.
My lineup is as follows:

Stores: East side

Agata & Valentina (212) 452-0690
First Ave. & 79th St.
Bread, vegetables, fruit, cheese, fish, olive oil, smoked salmon, pasta

Ottomanelli Bros. (212) 772-7900
Meat, poultry, eggs, pulled pork, meat lasagna, manicotti, tunafish salad
York Ave. & 82nd St.

Schaller & Weber (212) 879-3047
Cold cuts, German potato salad, cucumber salad, pumpernickel,
pickles, goose fat, frozen chicken broth, chocolate
Second Ave. & 86 St.

Citarella (212) 874-0383
Mussels, fish
Third Ave & 75 St.

Yorkville Meat Emporium (212) 517-4635
Cherry soup, Veal Goulash stew
Second Ave. & 81st St.

Stores: West side

Zabar’s (212) 787-2000
Cheese, butter, cheese blintzes, herring in sour cream, condiments
Bway bet. 80th & 81st Sts.

Whole Foods Market (212) 823-9600
10 Columbus Circle
If I would live closer to Whole Foods on Columbus Circle, I would undoubtedly become familiar with the store. But, since I visit the market only once in a while, I feel overwhelmed by those acres of uncharted territory, not to mention the endless checkout lines that have their own rules and regulations. Except for the occasional Harvé Mons Camembert, I don’t bother with Whole Foods. But I’d gladly stand corrected and wecome advice from Whole Foods aficionados.

Take out

Beyoglu (212) 650-0850
Third Ave. & 81 St.
Turkish meze

Sandys (212) 348-8654
Second Ave. & 116 St.
Rotisserie chicken, rice & beans

Saigon Grill (212) 875-9072
Amsterdam Ave & 90 St.
Royal Bouillabaisse

Katageri (212) 755-3566
224 E. 59th St.
Sushi/sashimi, Japanese products

Occasionally, I venture to Chinatown for dim sums at Jing Fong (20 Elizabeth St.) with a detour to Di Palo’s (200 Grand St.) for Italian products.

Union Square Market
George and I used to come down here with the car, so there was never a schlepping problem. Now I buy only as much as I can carry, mostly herbs and plants. Can't wait for the Farmer's Market on 82nd Street between York and First Avenue to open again Saturdays, starting in July.

Fresh Direct (order on line)
Ethiopian coffee, imported frozen tortellini, frozen shrimp, ice cream, Roquefort, soft drinks, household items.
Ordering from Fresh Direct is George’s domain. Their Roquefort is George’s favorite. If one is not up to par, they will immediately replace it.

In addition, I keep my eyes open for new specialty stores and markets, ready to pounce on them

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