Our Daily Dinner

Our Daily Dinner

June 17, 2010

Boudin Noir

When I saw a package of boudin noir (blood sausage) at Murray’s at Grand Central Terminal, I couldn’t resist. Reading the label—lean pork meat, pig’s blood, onions and spices-- I knew this was a genuine
French blood sausage. It reminded me of the days when we served boudin noir at our restaurant every Thursday evening while an accordionist played French tunes. I knew George would be pleased.


2 Boudin Noir*
½ lb.Sauerkraut**
Sautéed apple slices
Boiled potatoes
Wine: Côtes du Rhône Esprit, Delas 2007
Dessert: 85% Lindt chocolate

Let’s face it, boudin noir doesn’t look so great, but it certainly tastes good. The sausage was fully
cooked. All I had to do was warm it in a sauté pan. To heighten the flavor of the cooked sauerkraut
I added some goose fat  and white wine. I used Granny Smith for the sautéd apple-- the classic accompaniment to boudin noir. The potatoes were an overkill. Next time I will know better.

*Murray’s Real Salami
24 Grand Central Terminal

**Schaller & Weber


betty fussell said...

Good for Murray's. Now I don't have to go to a restaurant to hunt out one of my fave foods.

Our Daily Dinner said...


Les Halles even has a better one. They'll sell two or four boudin to you if you call and asked the chef.