Our Daily Dinner

Our Daily Dinner

May 11, 2011

55th Wedding Anniversary & Beyond

Special Occasion

George and I just celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary. Since we got married on our lunch hour, we always commemorate it with a festive lunch. We treated ourselves to a bottle of Pol Roger Extra Cuvée Réserve, Brut. Rich, well rounded, and slightly buttery the champagne was the perfect accompaniment to our meal of Kumamoto oysters on the half shell, Tarte d’Alsace (bought at Trader Joe’s), salade Niçoise, and an apple tart (bought from Glaser’s Bake Shop).

Vegetable of the Month: Green Asparagus

Last May I sounded off about the superiority of white asparagus. A year later, I bought a bunch of green asparagus at the farmer’s market. Figuring that less is more, I steamed the asparagus and served them with clarified butter.


Mozzarella and Grape Tomatoes
Grilled Salmon
Steamed Green Asparagus
Wine: Trimbach Riesling 2008
Dessert: Fresh pineapple

Recipe Green Asparagus

1 bunch green asparagus, bottoms snapped off and peeled
Salt and pepper
2 tablespoons heated clarified butter

I placed the asparagus in a large pot, added water to cover and
steamed the asparagus, covered, for 8 minutes. Then I drained the asparagus carefully and put them aside.

Meanwhile I put 2 tablespoons of clarified butter in a small pan over medium heat, brought it to a light boil and removed the butter before it turned brown. I served the butter in a small crock for dipping. The asparagus tasted so terrific, I became an instant convert.

For the salmon, I followed the Grilled Salmon with Mustard Glaze
recipe on my March 19, 2011 blog, eliminating the mustard glaze.

“Wonderful meal,” said George.
I agreed wholeheartedly.

Culinary Suggestion

Interested in culinary history? I recommend joining the Culinary Historians of New York (CHNY) of which I have been a member since the early 70’s. The organization has about 250 members, divided between food enthusiasts and people in the hospitality industry. The CHNY feature monthly programs that range from ancient cuisines to current issues. Volunteers prepare appropriate dishes; wines are usually donated.

On June 8 Claudia Roden will discuss her new book “The Food of Spain”. On June 16 Marc Meltonville will talk about “Reconstructing Historic Royal Kitchens”, including those of Henry VII and George III.

Annual membership for Individuals is $45.; $25. for Seniors.

Trader Joe’s

Glaser’s Bake Shop


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Robert said...

Congratulations on your 55th anniversary, which set me thinking of special celebrations Bob and I have shared. Oysters (but baked) is what first comes to mind. I think anniversaries are best celebrated at home, and it would be a wonderful series to have a compendium of anniversary dinners (or lunches) from a variety of cooks/eaters. One for each day of the year so if not one's own, there is always the excuse to give a toast to someone else. Cheers!