Our Daily Dinner

Our Daily Dinner

August 8, 2011

Scallops over a bed of Braised Leeks

Braising takes time, but it is worth the effort. Consider the rewards: the dish improves when made ahead of time, is fool proof and guaranteed to taste great. The scallops take 2 minutes to cook. My idea of a perfect summer meal.


Cold Cherry Soup
Scallops over a bed of Braised Leeks
Wine: Vin de Savoie Apremont 2010
Dessert: Fresh green figs

Recipe Leeks

3 leeks, thoroughly washed and dried
¼ cup olive oil
3 small peeled carrots, sliced into 1- inch pieces
½ cup chicken stock (or water), more if needed
1 teaspoon sugar
Salt and pepper
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Cut the leeks lengthwise; then cut crosswise into 2-inch pieces
In a large skillet heat the oil, add the leeks and carrots. Let simmer until leeks have softened, about 10 minutes.
Add the liquid, sugar, salt and pepper. Cover and let simmer over low heat
until vegetables are completely softened, 20-30 minutes.
Add lemon juice. Let cool and put aside. If refrigerated, remove from
refrigerator 45 minutes before serving.

Recipe Scallops

2 garlic cloves, minced
½ pound scallops, trimmed and dried
1 tablespoon butter
Chopped curly parsley for garnish

In a skillet, sauté the garlic in butter until wilted. Add the scallops and sauté 1 minute per side.

Place braised leeks in the center of a serving dish. Arrange scallops/ garlic mixture over it. Garnish with chopped parsley

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