Our Daily Dinner

Our Daily Dinner

March 20, 2010

German/Alsatian Dinner

Andouille Sausage*
German Potato Salad*
Wine: Willm Gewürztraminer Reserve 2008
Dessert: Chocolate Ice Cream

When I read that Fairways had just received a shipment of canned, “artfully seasoned” sauerkrauts from a company in the Champagne region of France,I immediately dashed to the West Side. The sauerkraut that appealed to me the most, was seasoned with goose fat, white wine, and contained raisins.

Since I wasn’t about to cook choucroute garni, I bought a
variety of sausages from Schaller & Weber*, figuring we would
have a German/Alsatian feast.

The sausages were terrific, as was the German potato salad. The
sauerkraut, however, was a bummer. It contained too much goose fat
and lacked flavor. I tried to rescue it by adding coriander berries (wrapped in cheesecloth), white wine, and some salt, but to no avail. If I had bought Schaller & Weber's ready-made sauerkraut and doctored it up, I could have saved myself the trip.

The Gewürztraminer was too sweet and lacked Gewürtz. A Pilsner
beer would have been better.

*Schaller & Weber (upper East Side)

2127 Bway at 73rd St. (upper West Side)
(212) 595-1888

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