Our Daily Dinner

Our Daily Dinner

October 28, 2010

A Cheese Blow Out

A chapter in R. W. Apple, Jr.’s recent book “Far Flung and Well Fed” mentioned the Michelin three star rated restaurant La Pyramide, in Vienne. It reminded me of our lunch there, sitting in the garden, finishing a late lunch with St. Marcelline –Fernand Point’s favorite cheese-- accompanied by Condrieu. A confirmed sentimentalist, I tried to simulate that experience and went to Zabar’s in search of St. Marcelline. In addition I bought three more cheeses and was on my way for another cheese dinner. I toyed around with the idea of buying a bottle of Condrieu, but I wasn’t ready to spend $50. Instead I opted for a fruity Alberiño.

The Cheese Plate
Queso Leonora
Pont L‘Êvêque
St. Marcelline


Fresh Green Figs
Pink Lady Apple
Roasted, Unsalted Almonds
Pumpernickel bread
Sour Dough Roll
Wine: Rías Baixas Alberiño, 2009
Dessert: Biscotti

Tangy and robust, the soft-ripened goat cheese Queso Leonora from Leon, Spain was my favorite. The little known Langres was another winner. It is a soft ripened cow cheese from the Champagne region with a nearly sweet and subtle flavor. The cheese is washed with an orange pigment from the Annatto tree and flavored with a local Marc de Champagne

I didn’t have Pont l'Êvêque for a long time, but recalled it as being very creamy and pungent. Sure enough, it was so creamy it practically ran off the cheese board. It also had the pleasant after-kick I remembered.

Oddly enough, the eagerly anticipated the St. Marcelline, was a disappointment. It came in a small plastic crock, was buttery all right, but had little else going for itself. Perhaps the cheese is too young and delicate to travel and best to buy it at the source.

The Rías Baixas Albeirñro ($18.) from the northwest region of Spain in Galicia, was an excellent choice. The wine is made from the Albariño grape which is likened to both Riesling and Viognier. No wonder, I liked it.


Marie Simmons said...

Oh, what a lovely cheese board. Perfect accompaniments. I haven't had St. Marcellin since visiting France several years ago. I remember buttery, rich and flavorful. I have seen it here, but hesitate over the purchase. Your dinner sounds perfect. I could feast on cheese, fruit and nuts several meals a week. Comte stuffed into a date or dried fig is my favorite snack with a hot cup of tea.

Our Daily Dinner said...


We really think alike. I could live on bread and cheese, but try to have a more balanced diet. The older I get, the more I realize the importance of it. Still, we do treat ourselves to a cheese feast once a month.

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